Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software, Guide & Manual

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software Download

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software Download for Windows & Mac the system is available with our file is taken from the official website https://www.logitech.com. You also need the Logitech Presentation and Logitech Spotlight Calibration Software installation for Windows & Mac to use your Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote.


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software Download for Windows

Name Download
Logitech Presentation Software 10  8  7
Logitech Spotlight Calibration Software 10  8  7


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software Download for Mac

Name Download
Logitech Presentation Software 10.13.x  10.12.x  10.11.x  10.10.x
Logitech Spotlight Calibration Software 10.13.x  10.12.x  10.11.x  10.10.x


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Manual Installation Guide

We strive to present all matters relating to Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. And it might also help you to do a manual installation of this product. In addition, if you have more specific problems regarding Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for this product. And also, below is a manual installation method for Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote products.

How to Connect Spotlight Presentation Remote via USB Receiver

How to Connect Spotlight via USB Receiver

  • Download and install the Logitech Presentation Software from table download above.
  • Then remove the USB receiver and plug it into the charging cable to charge your Spotlight for 1 minute.
  • Last, plug the USB receiver into your computer.


How to Connect Spotlight Presentation Remote via Bluetooth

How to Connect Spotlight via Bluetooth

  • Press and hold for 3 seconds the top and bottom buttons.
  • Then the Spotlight Presentation Remote will vibrate, and you can use it to pair it for 3 minutes.
  • Complete the Bluetooth pairing on your computer.


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Overview

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote is an entirely different standard in presentation controller. So, you can navigate slides with confidence up to 100 feet (30 meters) out and utilize the innovative pointer to Highlight, Magnify, or pinpoint areas of attention using a Digital Laser.


Logitech Spotlight Presentation Software
Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote


Other than that Spotlight Presentation Remote connects instantly via USB receiver or shallow energy Bluetooth. It is plug-and-play on many platforms and compatible with favorite demonstration apps. Additionally, it is fully rechargeable1 and contains an impressive 100 foot (30 meters) working range.


Spotlight Product Overview1 – LED INDICATOR
Instant feedback on battery and connectivity status

Press and hold the button while moving your hand to highlight on your screen and control the on-screen cursor
Simple press to click on links and videos
Double press to toggle between pointer modes

3 – NEXT
Simple press to navigate forward
Press and hold to use custom functions like ‘Start presentation’

4 – BACK
Simple press to navigate backward
Press and hold to use custom functions like ‘Blank Screen’

Receive silent vibration alerts when using the timers and when the battery is low.

Up to 3-month battery life on a single charge via the USB Type-C charging cable.


Logitech Presentation Software Overview

The Logitech Presentation Software lets you utilize the Spotlight pointer effects, to set timers and vibration alarms, to begin and return to your presentation, to personalize button works, and also to monitor battery lifetime. Once the software Isn’t installed you may only have the next plug and play performance:

  • Next/Back to navigate your slides
  • Mouse cursor control to click on links and videos


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