Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide Download

Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide Download

Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide Download with our file is taken from the official website https://www.logitech.com. You don’t need software to use Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle. However, we still provide a Setup Guide file that might help you to manually set up the Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle USB Computer Headset product.


Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide Download

We include a setup guide for the Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle. And also this Setup Guide might help you as a guide in installing on your Heavy Equipment Bundle. So, if you have other problems regarding this Heavy Equipment Bundle, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Logitech Official Support website.

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Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide (PDF)

Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle Overview

The Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle is a remarkable stable of technical farm simulation gear. All of the tools are here: 900˚wheel, rocky pedals, and a side panel for sensible immersion and pleasure. In partnership with all GIANTS Software along with the Farm Sim neighborhood (That is you!). Get your hands dirty with buttons and sticks built into the wheel to get in-game farmer activities, such as powering a chainsaw. It is all here and for the many rewarding agri-adventure potentials.


Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle SetUp Guide
Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle


Using Heavy Equipment Bundle, you can reposition 900 Levels in Both Directions. Love numerous surgeries with farm-fun tilt, realistic turning… plus a horn. We did not overlook the turn knob so that your free hand can control a drink or operate the controllers onto your side panel.


And also includes Hands-On Controls which are helpful for Control Your Farmer. Twin analog sticks, all having a push button, are best for transferring characters and controlling a camera. The 4-way hat buttons close to each rod offer eight buttons at your fingertips. And, what is programmable from inside the game.


Additionally, the Logitech Heavy Equipment Bundle attribute is searchable for Driver Control. Enjoy perfect tractor simulation with gas and brake pedals. And, the pedals link to the wheel through 1.8m cable. That means the entire kit occupies just one USB port in your gaming rig.


And one more critical issue is that the All-Axes Loader Control that Mod-friendly using 25+ Programmable Buttons. The loader rod controls down, up, and turn axes, while a mode switch doubles those controls providing you with six axes to function. Set-and-forget the cruise controller dial-up and autopilot feature to concentrate on other activities, like farming bites.

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